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        1. Custom-Designed Solutions for Healthcare Manufacturers and Providers

          From distribution and transportation, to inventory management, to custom kits and data analysis, we provide the innovative services that make a difference in healthcare. As an innovative partner, we provide the solutions and healthcare-specific experience that enable our healthcare manufacturer and provider customers to improve outcomes and deliver exceptional patient care.

          Distribution and Warehousing

          Unlocking Value in Distribution

          We deliver the right products into the hands that need them—quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively. Our solutions create efficiency of resources at the point of care.

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          Provider Inventory Solutions

          Clinical Inventory Management

          Our comprehensive approach to inventory management helps providers keep supply and demand in constant balance thus allowing clinicians to focus more fully on patient care.

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          Manufacturer Logistics

          End-to-End Specialty Services

          From the first mile to the point of care, manufacturers can rely on Owens & Minor's state-of-the-art technologies and healthcare logistics expertise.

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          Custom Procedural Kits and Trays

          Clinical and Procedural Solutions

          Owens & Minor can simultaneously customize and standardize to help manufacturers and providers who seek improved efficiency.

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          Data and Analytics

          Inventory Analysis and Planning

          We help our customers by converting supply chain and inventory data into actionable intelligence that in turn enables smarter business and purchasing decisions.

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          Products and Sourcing

          Diverse Partners and Solutions

          Whether you want a proprietary product like MediChoice? or specific brands, our diverse partnerships can help healthcare providers remain cost-effective and contract-compliant.

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          We Do More than Add Value. We Demonstrate It—Today and Tomorrow

          Simplicity is our goal and our method. By attacking complexity, we can identify and leverage opportunities in the healthcare supply chain that drive efficiencies for manufacturers and healthcare providers. Whatever the challenge, Owens & Minor can design a customized solution that pays long-term dividends for healthcare manufacturers, providers, and patients.


          Recruiting Alert!

          Scammers are posing as health care recruiters in an attempt to solicit personal and financial information from candidates. If you suspect you are receiving fraudulent communication regarding an Owens & Minor job posting, please let us know! 

          Concerned? Confirm recruiting efforts by emailing gm-contactrequest@owens-minor.com. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

          Contact Us

          To find out more about our services and solutions, visit our Contact Us Page